A300/BMP Combo - Tree Planting

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Save by purchasing any ANSI A300 standard with special companion Best Management Practices booklet.

The ANSI A300 standards represent the industry consensus on performing tree care operations. The standards can be used to prepare tree care contract specifications. (Standard: ©2012, softcover, 32 pp.)

This BMP focuses on the active process of tree planting, including site and species selection, planting practices, post-planting pruning, and early tree care. (©2014, softcover, 40 pp.)

Topics in this BMP include:

  • Time of Planting
  • Nursery Stock: Types, Selection, and Handling
  • Preparing the Planting Hole
  • Planting Practices
  • Root Loss and New Root Growth
  • Redevelopment of Root Structure
  • Pruning
  • Palms
  • After Planting
  • Final Inspection
  • Glossary of Terms
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